Science Fiction!

I read and write it.

Particularly enjoy the moodier 90s era anime like Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion, and Gundam. Western books with good worldbuilding are also welcomed, like Ringworld, Integral Trees, and Asimov.

Star Trek is okay, but it doesn't spend much time on hard science or psychology. More of a drama show. The 2020s reboots suck even more.

Here are some of my short stories so you anonymous internet strangers can read them. Note some are spur-of-the-moment creations and might not be coherent.


Our protagonist descends into a world of endless, deadly snow, accompanied by High Eden's best outbound science team. But those who wander willingly into blinding sheets of snow are, of course, already blind. They don't ask why the snow falls down; they wordlessly accept that their selves have died long ago. But our protagonist is not them. He is a nobody, a wanderer, a questioner, and he is alone, alone, alone.

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High Eden

After the events of Snow. But I haven't decided what happens in Snow so this one is vague at best

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The Moon Drifter and the Sea

The colonies are younger than the Earth. Its soldiers are green but idealistic. So it is inevitable that the day will come when the colonies rain fire on Terran's weathered shell. This is the story of a pilot, his titanium comet, and the covert landing that arguably began the war.

This one's more action based; Gundam inspired.

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